What Comes Next

I made this picture a year ago, but it stopped right there.

For fun.

I made the picture and tinkered with it for fun. Just fun.

You remember fun?

This week hasn’t been a lot of fun. I don’t think the coming weeks will be a lot of fun. Already the fingers are pointing in every direction. Now the finger is pointing at the police who arrived at the shooting scene. They didn’t do anything for about 40 minutes while parents were screaming at them to do something.

I can see the cops point. They don’t want to get shot. That isn’t their job. Their job is to protect and serve. They certainly didn’t protect. And, they were only self serving.

Then, there is my favorite senator who walked out of an interview with a British reporter who wanted if killing kids is an example of American Exceptionalism. You already know what I think about him. He’s something I have to scrape off my shoe.

So, this picture is me trying to take us away from all of that.

For just one day.



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