Blown up in the California desert.

I want sushi right now. It costs more than a house.

Instead, we bought a new espresso maker. It’s the bomb. It’s really for touring, but we just had to test it before we hit the road. So, we bought five pounds of Lavazza beans. Five pounds ought to be enough to test it, right?

Seriously, we listen to a lot of podcasts. Espresso helps.

Today, it’s one called “Make Art Not Content.” It’s about internal approaches to creativity and message and ways of delivering it and where it comes from and why. Well, sometimes. Why is a hard thing to know.

The one take away is simple. Without message creativity can’t exist. Without creativity you lack drive. You get stuck on social media because you have no drive and you share a fear of failing. That’s apathy and it kills you from the inside out.


I can’t speak for you. I can only speak for me and maybe a person or two with whom I’m close. I’d like to think I am that I am not stuck. That my message carries through. That message makes me different.

I’m not Mister Instagram. I post but I don’t fit in. I start trouble. I think too many pictures — not to be confused with photographs — are derivative on that site. I tell their takers — not makers — that. They don’t like it.

Oh well.

That’s going to happen when you speak your truth.

Speak it or not. That’s your choice.



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