Always real.

We listen to podcasts.

Kyria Swisher’s “Sway” is one of the best. She talked with Larry Ellison yesterday. He made the new “Top Gun” movie with Tom Cruise.

Everything is done in camera. Tom Cruise put together a “learn to fly” program so that everybody who was supposed to fly could fly. He, like Larry Ellison, believes that the scenes filmed into the camera are a very different experience than those done in a computer.

Think about that.

It’s the same thing that I say about smartphone v dslr/mirrorless image files.

If nothing else, there’s a difference.

There’s also the work factor. Put your head down and do the work. Always. The biggest star of the movie, Tom Cruise, is also the film’s hardest worker. What he does looks effortless, but it’s hard to look effortless.

Think about that.

Real technology, apply excellence and work as hard as you can.

That’s the pro tip for today. It’s in three parts.

Now, I have to go out and take a real picture.



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