All In Green

G reen.

All right people, the rest of the hard working
All star blues brothers are gonna be out here in a minute
Including my little brother Jake
But right now, I’d like to talk a little bit about this
E you’re hearing this is of course the green onions tune
It was a very big hit in the early sixties in this country
And of course it was composed and recorded in
Memphis, Tennessee, right here
E, United States Of America, you know people
I believe that this tune can be acquainted
With the great classical music around the world
Now you go to Germany, you’ve got your Bach
Your Beethoven, your Brahms
Here in America you’ve got your Fred McDowell
Your Irving Berlin, your Glenn Miller and your Booker T & The M.G.’s
Please, another example of the great contributions
In music and culture that this country
Has made around the world and as you look around
The world today, you see this country spurned
You see backs turned on this country
Well people, I’m gonna tell you something
This continent, North America is the stronghold
This is where we’re gonna make our stand in this decade, yeah
, I’ve got something to say to the state department
I say take that archaic Monroe doctrine
And that Marshall plan that says we’re supposed
To police force the world and throw ’em out, let’s
Home for the next ten years people
Right here in North America
And enjoy the music and culture that is ours
Yeah, I got one more thing to say
I’m just talking about the music, people and what it does to me
And that is as you look around the world
You go to the Soviet Union or Great Britain
Or France, you name it any country, ev
Dy is doing flips and twists just to get into
A genuine pair of American blue jeans
And to hear this music and we got it all here in America
The land of the Chrysler 440 cubic inch engine

Green Onions — Booker T, And The M.Gs



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