Then This

The weirdness has begun.


unning errands, I needed a place to park for just a few minutes. So I parked here. I hate to say this, but the sign is meaningless. Unless it is posted by the city or county it has no legal status. Still, normally that doesn’t matter for me. I woudn’t park here. I just figure that it’s easier to conform than fight any kind of battle.


I did what “everybody” does. I parked. I did what I needed to do and came back out. It actually really only took less than five minutes. Sometimes five minutes turns into ten or twenty. Not this time. My timing was right.

Then I saw it. The light changed a little. I made a few pictures. I forgot about it.

The other day I was looking through forgotten pictures and this turned up. It’s obvious why it was forgotten, at first. Then I started playing with it as I am known to do. I layered it. I pulled the base color this way and that. I modified the color when I was done pulling it around.

There you have it.

This picture.

I don’t know if this is even a photograph. I like it, whatever it may be. I know that it is an example of having my creativity tickled by the most mundane of subjects.



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