Red color.


hanging your perspective. You can fight it or forget it.

I just read a story in The Washington Post about a woman who missed her flight and couldn’t get out until the next day. At first she was very unhappy, but as midnight came she realized that aside from the night staff she was the only one there.

She decided to have fun.

She walked to the farthest end of the airport and she meandered back to her gate. She’s a writer, but her photographs are wonderful. Her story was funny and engaging. Usually, I don’t like stories that are written from a me perspective. Stories about musician or artists that are written from a “I know so and so, aren’t I cool?” make me crazy.

First, you don’t really know them and, second, they only told you what they want you to know. Get over yourself and write about your subject even if you have to research – oh God not that — the background in order to ask intelligent questions.

I sorta got off the track, which I’m known to do.

My real point is simple. If you don’t like what you are doing change your perspective and your attitude. If that’s not working maybe you should consider changing what you do. Me? if photography and music doesn’t work I’m going to be an aluminum siding salesman.

And, you?



2 responses to “Wonder”

  1. linnie Avatar

    “The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood.” – Voltaire.

    and because he was a pretty cool dude, i’ll include this (although, i did not know him personally 😉 )– François-Marie Arouet (21 November 1694 – 30 May 1778), known by his nom de plume Voltaire, was a French Enlightenment writer, historian, and philosopher famous for his wit, his criticism of Christianity and of slavery, as well as his advocacy of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and separation of church and state. (soure: Wikipedia)

    and if i ever get tired of gardening and running, i will become a painter and a poet. oh, and i love pink … so awesome photo today!


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      He was born on the same day that I was, although a few years earlier. If I get tired of all of this, I’ll become a dog.

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