Bring The Donut Army


efore I tell you about New York City and these pictures let me tell you about the headline. I was listening to a podcast. One of the presenters told a bad joke. It was along the lines of what do donuts say to people who are eating them? There are dozens of us. This lead to a more topical conversation that concluded with, “Bring the donut army.”

These folks are levels up from me, so I don’t know…

I was born in New York. Well, really Brooklyn. Brooklynites consider themselves not to be a part of the island. They (We) are better than that. Heh.

These pictures are ancient. I made them before the turn of the century on film. Fuji Velvia 50 to be exact. To help boost the color we shot it at ISO 32. Doing that results in pictures like these. This is about what the look like out of the camera. There is very little post production done or needed.

That’s big difference between then and now.

I had to learn to make good exposures and compose within the camera view finder. A roll of film contained 36 exposures. You had to be careful and you couldn’t machine gun. This has served me very well in the digital age. I’m pretty sure that the three pictures that you are looking are the result of six to nine exposures. That’s all.

Today when I talk to a photographer who shot the same event that I did, like a second line, and they tell me that the shot 16 gigs or more I start feeling insecure because I barely made 4 gigs. But, then I look at their posts on social media and realize they didn’t do anything more than push the button too much. I feel better.

Yes. I’m competitive.



3 responses to “Bring The Donut Army”

  1. Janet Alcorn Avatar

    I remember the days of film. I was a broke teenager, then a broke young adult. Film was expensive, and so was developing, so I had to be selective. I don’t miss those days. I love feeling free to try out weird angles and to take pics of random odd things I see.


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