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Admiralty, Hong Kong at dusk.


s many of you know I schedule my posts in advance so I didn’t get to tell you what I think about yesterday’s Supreme Court decision and the one the day before.

Near as I can tell they like guns and don’t like women.

Before I write much further please know that we are a liberal household and that we are strongly pro choice. If that offends you, please leave. I won’t be offended. No harm, no foul.

Also, please know that for us this isn’t about abortion rights. This is about women’s rights. And, the less-than-supreme-court just limited the rights of about 50% of the United States population.

What’s next?

LGBT rights? Birth control? I can hardly wait until the court overturns the right of different races to marry.

Whatever will that less-than-supreme-court-justice Clarence Thomas do?

Instant karma will get him. Knock him right in the head. After all, he’s the one who wants to re-litigate all these other rights. He should recuse himself from any court rulings because his wife Ginny is a traitor and a criminal. She should be imprisoned. Along with all of the rest of the “Big Stealers.”

My biggest fear in all of this is that after a few weeks of anger, rage and sadness, things will go back to normal, just as they always do. Before you start rambling on about new gun laws, read them. They aren’t much no matter how much the president crows as he signs another piece of paper. The less-than-supreme-court will probably void them in the future.

If we don’t start to fight back, really fight back, we are going to lose this thing. Which thing?


One little thing about me.

On the issue of abortion I fall along libertarian lines. I don’t believe the government at any level should be involved with a woman’s body in any way. if she wants or needs an abortion it’s none of my business or anyone else’s. Her choice is between her and her god.

Full stop.



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