Home, Not Home


es. I was taking you through my travels, but soon New Orleans will fade into my rambles. I’d like to say I have mixed emotions about leaving, but I don’t. The city is very broken. We are on pace to have the highest number of murders per capita. That means we’ll have around 350 murders by years end.

Our streets are broken. Our water pumping system almost never works during storms. Our electric power grid shuts down in various locations way too frequently. Housing prices are rising to the point that normal blue collar workers can’t afford to live in the city. Our homeless population has risen through the roof.

You know all those Mardi Gras Indians and second line krewes that I used to love to photograph? Many of them don’t live in the city. They can’t afford it.

I’m not here to rant about New Orleans. The city has been good to me over the years. But, I’d like to think I have half a brain. And, I know it’s time to go.



little housekeeping.

I participated in a Zoom WordPress workshop concerning making money on Storyteller. Or, any blog site. There were a lot of us from all over the world. Many of them were very serious which was obvious because some of them were online from the home countries at three o’clock in the morning. It was easier for me. I joined at eleven o’clock in the morning, my time.

I learned a lot, including how to make some of the technical components work that I couldn’t make work while I was building the new and improved Storyteller.

I have a couple of ideas. I’m not going to talk about them yet until I’m sure that I can build the basic infrastructure. After all, look what happened last time. I tore down my old web and blog site never knowing if I could ever come back.

Sometimes I learn from my mistakes.

But, not always.



6 responses to “Home, Not Home”

  1. equinoxio21 Avatar

    Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. It’s the times we do that matter…


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Maybe, it’s the space between that really matters. Miles Davis said that.

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      1. equinoxio21 Avatar

        Miles davis? Hmmm. The space between the notes he meant? Re-Hmmm. He might right.
        Another example is shadows. I rarely see the shadows. Don’t pay attention. I try to sometimes when I take a picture. Not “seeing” the shadows is a hindrance when I sketch, it costs me trouble to get shadows right.
        So, what’s important is the space between the shadows? 😉
        be good Ray

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  2. dolphinwrite Avatar

    The lighting with composition of a sort is very interesting.

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  3. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

    I’m the king of blurs and motion. Ha. Ha. Ha.


  4. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

    That’s what Miles said, but it’s all the same. Shadows? That’s another story. Fading in and out, but no separation.


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