All Truths And Other Stuff

Walking inside.


ou know what happened yesterday at the January 6 investigation. It stunned me and many other Americans. I could take you through Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony, but I’m pretty sure most of you heard it or know about it.

So, I won’t go through it again except to say Ms. Hutchinson is all of 25 years old. She defines courage.


et’s move onto pictures.

I made this picture in Las Vegas, Nevada. Many of the big casino-hotels have what amounts to a shopping mall in what could be called a basement. Paris has a French street that curls around and around in an effort to confuse the people who are mostly window shopping and staying cool in the desert heat into buying something.

This is a cross street to one of those underground shopping cities. The color is real. The motion is intentional. The people are real.


fter trying to process the events of the day, we decided to watch something fun. We settled on Avatar on the Disney Channel. I’m sure most of you have seen it. As I always say that if I discover something most of you have known about it for a decade or so.

We thought it was a great movie. The cinematics are wonderful. The colors are incredible. “The People” are inspiring.

It made me very sad.

It reminded me of what the Spanish did to Mexico, what other Europeans did to the Caribbean, and what the Americans did to American Indians and to Africans. You know, if we want it we’ll take it, and we’ll kill you to do it.

Once the battle for the land of The People began most of the foliage, including the Sacred Tree which was blown to bits, was ravaged. The scenes reminded me of pictures of World War I. World II, the war in Vietnam and now, the war in Ukraine.

The reason the marines attacked these peaceful people, people who said you had to learn to see, hear and feel the earth, was because as the elders said, “you killed your mother.”

I came to the conclusion that we, as a species, are terrible. Most of the time. I don’t to write a digest of things we do, but chief among them is “killing our mother.”

Think about that.







2 responses to “All Truths And Other Stuff”

  1. S Avatar

    “killing our mother.” Isn’t that the job of the Supreme Court?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      That’s how it started.


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