The Long Weekend

Headed into the night.


his is a big holiday weekend. The Fourth of July celebrates the founding of The United States. After all of the Less-Than-Supreme-Court has done in the past two weeks I’m in no mood to celebrate. After talking to a number of our friends I know that they feel the same way.

Hopefully, our neighbors are with us because the dogs will thank them for not blowing things up with illegal fireworks. They hate it. We usually take them inside and sit with them. We try to keep them distracted. It doesn’t always work.

The rest of this year is going to be interesting. May you have an interesting life is the worst Chinese curse possible.

The picture was made during that long ago Lonely Planet assignment. It is not the sign you see as you enter Las Vegas. This is a better sign you see as you enter downtown, which I think is the most interesting part of the city. I spent as much time there as I did on The Strip.

I made it during one of my favorite times of day. A transitional time. Dusk. The blue hour. I tend to work at that time because as Bart Simpson once said, “There’s a 5 o’clock in the morning? When did they start that?”

I like the light at those times of day. I rarely work at high noon. The light is too white and too bright. Darker and colored light is much more interesting, I think.

Once again, it comes down to patience.



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