Fever Dreams

Ha, ha, ha.


antasy. Yes and no.

New Orleans does occasionally get a little snow about once a decade whether it needs it or not. But, I made this snow. I pretty much made the entire picture which started out as blue. You know me. I like to fool around, tinker and play.

I did all of that and more until I got to this point. Snow in The French Quarter with stormy skies. And, stuff.

You’ll understand in a minute. I did this work out of boredom.


ell, it happened.

Two tours. One on break. The other was cruising along, three shows into the second leg. Every show was wonderful. The musicians were playing well. The singer was at her best. Skies were blue, the moon was a very cool sliver, the air was gently warm. Each of the shows were sold out.

I was asked how we were going to deal with the threat of CoVid. I replied we’ll go until we can’t. Now we can’t. One of the touring group tested positive for that damn virus. Two shows postponed. No more Colorado World Tour.

Four days in the future we might play again. In other state, far, far away. And, with my job, oh the money. We still gotta pay everyone even though we are just sitting around eating, sleeping and cursing. Some others are drinking and smoking. Tobacco. Not that other stuff.

Oh well. With luck, tomorrow will be worse.



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