2 thoughts on “All A Dream

  1. I have fond memories of Hong Kong and Kowloon from when I was wearing a sailor suit in 1959 and again in 1983 when a group of ASMP photographers visited China on a much too short ten day trip. They say that for every six people on this planet you will have someone that in some way has a connection to you. My friend Matt Brown and I were walking down street in Kowloon and heads were turned when Matt almost bumped into another pedestrian going the opposite direction. They stopped and stared at each other, Matt and this guy had gone to college with each other several years ago.

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    1. I spent only a short time there. Only six years. Heh. I worked for The Image Bank/Kodak making books and catalogs. I didn’t photograph as much as I would have today because film is expensive. I did manage to go through a case of Velvia every six months or so. Although HK has changed dramatically since then, but I still know my way around.


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