Sometimes It’s Just Time

Wildflowers in New Mexico.


ordpress and my struggles are well documented here. They leveled up yesterday and this morning. I think I mentioned that a friend told me that he wasn’t seeing Storyteller on Facebook. After a little poking around I realized that I wasn’t sharing anywhere.

After a little more investigation, I found that I had been disconnected from Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. I reconnected which takes a few minutes because of all of the passwords needed to do it.

I did that twice.

No distribution anywhere. So, I cleaned everything out and connected again. Since my publishing time passed, I have no idea of it worked.

Fortunately, things got worse.

You know all of those extra items like categories, tags and comments sections? WordPress told me that they automatically linked to to the proper widget. They don’t. They link to nothing. I have no idea how to link them. I can see the widgets and I’m sure that there must be some way to link it within all those block commands. But, which one? Hahahahahaha.

I’m starting to come to the point where I believe it’s time to move on. I may be chasing something that’s already gone.

Concurrently, I’ve been talking to photographers about Meta and the issue of Instagram and Facebook. Unfortunately, I kind of need Facebook. As a modern public relations person told me, Facebook is necessary because it’s like modern phonebook. Okay, But, I can rebuild my professional page and sort of leave it alone.

Through the photographer discussions I learned about Tumblr. I’ve been a member for years but I never did anything with it. It turns out they have a very robust photo group. And, wait for it, you can build a page that looks as good as any web site. It’s very easy to use. You can customize it. It’s pretty. I experimented with it last night and I loved it.

I hate to give all of you up, but I think I’m beating a dead horse. But, all is not lost for us. I can send you my Tumblr address and you can join me there.

You know I’m a fairly simple photographer. I like to keep my work simple. Moving along simplifies my life. No fighting with WordPress. No dealing with Instagram. I’ll barely deal with Facebook and Twitter is fun for me. Post once a day and I’m done.


Easier for magic and luck to enter.




8 responses to “Sometimes It’s Just Time”

  1. Leah Avatar

    I haven’t posted in WordPress in a long time due to illness, and not having my computer set up. I had a workaround back to the classic editor there. If I don’t have it when I get back, I’ll probably have to leave too. Not happy with Instagram either. A friend’s account got taken over by a hacker there. I’ll look into Tumblr if you move.

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Hi. I hope you’re feeling better. That’s really the important thing. Classic still exists but you have to go into the block pulldown to find it. he biggest problem is that Meta is trying to compete with Tik Tok so they are forcing Reels down our throats. I like some by people I know, but how many cute kitten and puppy videos do you need? Well, maybe you need the kitty videos… 🙂

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      1. Leah Avatar

        LOL I am, along with at least one other cat person I know, tired of too many videos there, even cat ones. I prefer the still pictures to a feed that’s always jumping into action.


  2. linnie Avatar

    i would love to know your TUMBLR info so i can still follow!

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Thank you. it’s goodpix2021

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      1. linnie Avatar

        got it!


  3. Debra Avatar

    You’ve been more than patient! At some point everyone may need to figure out which social media platforms are effective and what elements are either making us vulnerable or crazy, or maybe both!

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      So far, Instagram and Facebook are just boring me to tears at best. Twiiter is great for New Orleans people and breaking news. So far, Tumblr has brought some conversations but you don’t count followers because it doesn’t matter.


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