Oh Fer…

Rounder and rounder.


irst and foremost, I made a mistake. A big one. The last time that happened was in 1961. Of course, I’m kidding. I last made a mistake about five minutes ago, if not sooner.

Yesterday I wrote that the link to my Tumblr version of Storyteller I said the link didn’t work. What I believe I said was that it linked to nothing.

It links just fine.



It links directly to the latest Storyteller post, but from there you can follow my work or you can look around. I highly recommend that because there are a lot of interesting topics. Be aware, it’s an adult website. You may run into something you might not like. If you join — I hope you do — you can block whatever subject matter you don’t want to see.


hat said, this picture.

We bought some Amazon Kindle Fires. We didn’t just want a reader because we like to travel light, so Fires allow you to do a lot. Like work and read emails. Of course, it’s created in the Amazon eco system which connects to nothing easily. It’s not Windows and it’s not Apple. It was never intended to be. And, they do provide some apps to link everything together. Even thought they have their own email system, I can read my email through a Google connector app. In fact, I can use everything Google tucked into one location.

They have an interesting photo editing app called Photo Editor. It contains tools that I never even considered. One of them is called underwater and another is called wide angle. That’s what I used on this photograph. I finished it in OnOne.

Because it lives in the Amazon eco system it was hard getting it here. I thought that if I used Amazon Pictures it would live there. Oh no. It doesn’t. I had to email it to myself and download it to OnOne. Then it was archived in Amazon Pictures.


Oh yeah. The base image is a normal picture of a blue sky with white puffy clouds.


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