Long Time Gone

Urbex, the art of not killing yourself

There are three stories to tell.

The first is about the news. I made this picture in the old abandoned power plant that is near the river. It was abandoned in the 1970s. There have development plans over the years. None of them have come to fruition.

Last week, I think, a young urbex photographer was walking on an elevated level in the power plant when the floor gave way and he fell fifty feet to his death. That’s horrible. I think about just getting hurt, even with a partner nearby, and not being able to be rescued. This place has been rusting for somewhere near fifty years. Even strong iron supports can break.

I’ve decided to share this image here even though it was intended for Instagram. Vertical images look terrible there. You can either wrap a thick white border around them or you can crop them into a square, which would hurt this picture a lot. Another reason to move on.

Luckily, in the Meta world it gets worse. I post on Storyteller and it was distributed to Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn. When I redesigned the site I had many problems, as you know. One issue that I didn’t know about was that WordPress wasn’t sharing to those other sites until a friend asked about not seeing Storyteller there.

I opened the hood and sure enough all the links were disconnected. I reconnected them. No joy. I did it again. The desktop pulldowns say that everything is connected. They aren’t. I talked to my favorite happiness engineer and he said every site was connected. They still aren’t. He messed around for awhile and still nothing. He’s researching it.

I gave up.

I thought that I would just post directly to Facebook. A lot of my photo friends post directly with seemingly no problems.

So I went into my personal page to make sure I wasn’t going to post a picture that I had in the past. Everything got worse. One reason to distribute from WordPress is to protect your images. Open up an image on Facebook and it brings you back here. That’s what they said.

No, it doesn’t.

Facebook pulled the pictures onto my page. If I shared a multi-image post, they took the images apart and put them into my file individually. Worse, they stripped out all of the copyright information. The images just exist to be stolen by anybody who stumbles on them.

That’s it. No posts on Facebook. I’m barely posting anything to Instagram. I have moved a lot of pictures to Tumblr. The follows and comments are fast and friendly.

I guess that’s it.

Storyteller times two.

WordPress and Tumblr.



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