Get your ,motor running.

I remember where and when I made this picture. I just din’t remember clicking the shutter. I guess that’ll happen over the years. I’ve made a lot of pictures as I’m just beginning to realize.

I was sitting in a drive thru for a coffee shop called O’Hari’s Coffee House. To my way of thinking their espresso beans are just about as good as beans get anywhere in the world. They are only located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I think there are three stores.

Generally, when I stopped there I’d buy a couple of shots to drink and a pound of beans to grind and brew at home. Of course that took a few minutes so if there was somebody behind me I hoped that they are patient. The guy in the picture was. He didn’t seem to care.

The real question in my mind is how I made the picture. He’s behind me. I didn’t shoot with a phone back then. And, somehow in the real world, the top is the bottom. And, there is a reflection of another car that is not his or mine.

The only thing that I can think of is that I’m not pointing the camera of any of that. Instead, I’m pointing the camera at the rear view mirror above the windshield. Whatever was in the mirror is in this picture. Since the camera isn’t in the picture, I probably had no real idea of what I photographed.

Oh well. That’s just about normal. Point the lens at something and hope it’s in the final file. That’s what I call photographer’s luck.


Magic and luck.

More to see…

And, one more..






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