The Great Chase

Night view of street cars on Canal Street.

Once upon a time I used to make pictures like this on a regular basis. I’m not sure why I stopped. It wasn’t a conscience decision. I just sort of let it fade away. I’m thinking that before I slip out of New Orleans for good I should wander around the city making these kind of pictures.

I’m a little busy right now, but I could carve out some time… if I really am a photographer.

These days I barely make many fresh pictures. I ‘m not exactly sure how that got away from me. But, it did.

On the other hand, there is a verse in song that says, “stop chasing what’s already gone.” Maybe the photography life is gone. I’ve actually had thoughts of selling all my camera gear and buying a little all in one camera like a Sony RX-100. It does everything that I need it to do including making publishable images.

Once upon a time photo assignment makers demanded the highest quality and newest cameras. Now they don’t seem to care. I have a buddy who photographed a rather important assignment in Aspen on three i-Phones. The pictures that I’ve seen look great.

Obviously, this is a big and tough decision. After all, I’ve been making — or trying to make –serious pictures since 1971. If I do this it will be the first time in 50 years that I haven’t had a SLR, DSLR or Mirrorless camera in my bag.

That’s really something.




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