Why Not?

Fly away.

Today I learned that Pakistan has flooded so badly that a very large hotel was toppled. This comes on top of all the flooding in the United States, in Kentucky, in the desert, near St. Louis and so on. Europe is in a major drought, so bad that shipping is imperiled on most rivers, so bad that sunken Nazi ships are surfacing in the low water that are still fully loaded with weapons that could explode.

Then, I read a story in the Washington Post. Apparently, Greenland is losing its ice shelf so rapidly that by the year 2,300 — 78 years from now — that oceans will rise by three feet.

Think about that for a minute.

People who never participated in the things that contribute to climate change, like Bangladesh, will have no dry land. Islands all over the world will be distant memories. And, given that much of New Orleans is six below sea level, three feet will join the Gulf of Mexico to Lake Ponchartrain.

Still we sit doing very little. Politicians fight just about every bill that could begin the work of change on emissions. If the idiot child who was president a few years ago had his way we’d be burning more coal than ever.

Some of my friends who seem to be afraid of change are questioning the purchase of our e-car. They use semi-academic arguments about still needing to burn something in order to provide electricity to power the car. Or, that early batteries cost a fortune to replace, forgetting that newer batteries cost much less. charge

The joke’s on them.

Our home solar panels and a battery that can store ten days worth of electricity means that all we need is a way to charge our car with the sun’s power. So, we bought a charger. A Type Two charger costs about $4,000 installed. It can charge a car’s battery in 6.5 hours. A Type Three is much faster, but they can only be used in public places like a former gas station.

But, that’s nothing.

What more can we — I do? We are working on it.

What are you doing? Now? In the future?



4 responses to “Why Not?”

  1. Debra Avatar

    We have an older Prius and when we bought it we were constantly fielding the questions about battery life. I couldn’t believe the barrage of negativity. Our Prius is a hybrid and we love it, but I’m sure when we get to the point where we have to let it go we are going electric. It makes me feel better, even if one car is a drop in the proverbial bucket. I worry for my grandchildren.

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      People keep throwing old stories at us forgetting the basic mantra of digital… smaller, faster, cheaper. I found our second e-car. Do you know those French vans that are sort of square and often used for portable coffee houses. An Italian company is making new versions of that in various forms. One is an e-van. That.

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      1. Debra Avatar

        I like the description of the e-van. I’d like something like that. We really will have to make a decision pretty soon. I think you’d be amused at the proliferation of Teslas in California. It’s the new game while we drive to Oakland to see our son–count the Teslas. That’s out of our league (and I’m not a fan of old Elon) but I’m being dazzled by all the new models, and I’m not typically a car person.

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      2. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        Because WordPress shows your email if you don’t mind I’ll send you pictures of the van and what we bought.Elon is gonna find out that besides being a jerk, Tesla’s market is going to be destroyed when the flood gates open. For the price of the so-called Tesla sports car you can buy an equal BMW. I used to be a car guy then came Katrina and I had my old 1988 BMW M6 (collector’s car theses days) flooded with 6 feet of water and sludge. Car guy went away.


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