Are We In Tatters?

Traveling as much as we’ve been you often see some strange and interesting things. Normally, I don’t have time to actually make a meaningful picture. But, not this time. I made everybody stop and wait. I’m not having that much fun on the road so they could wait for me. I made this picture. YouContinue reading “Are We In Tatters?”

The Road, The Sky And Some Dirt

Sometimes I forget myself. I forget to post. I forget to work. I forget to keep in constant contact. I think I did it to myself by joining a couple of new picture sharing sources. I may have confused myself by making my posts more complicated than simple. We’ll see. When I lived in NewContinue reading “The Road, The Sky And Some Dirt”

Long Time Gone

There are three stories to tell. The first is about the news. I made this picture in the old abandoned power plant that is near the river. It was abandoned in the 1970s. There have development plans over the years. None of them have come to fruition. Last week, I think, a young urbex photographerContinue reading “Long Time Gone”

A Very Long Trip

This picture is an example of what happens when you are jet lagged and tired all at once. You take weird chances. At least I do. For sure, I made some high energy peak moment photographs. Then my brain shut off and I just I just saw pictures. Click, click, click… I usually have aContinue reading “A Very Long Trip”

Just Like

J ust like… Maxfield Parrish. If you know much about him you know that his work often more detailed than my picture. Much more. But, his clouds. Oh, his clouds. Much of his work looks like this image. What am I saying? Oh, the ego on me. His work doesn’t look like mine. My workContinue reading “Just Like”

Something Like Paris

P aris. When you stare long enough at this ancient apartment building you think you are in Paris. France, not Texas. Well, I do anyway. You might not. If you’ve wandered around the streets of Paris going into neighborhoods that aren’t on the tourist must see list, you’ll see buildings like this one. In TheContinue reading “Something Like Paris”

Photographing Everything

W andering around back streets is one of my things. Often I do that on my way to someplace else. That’s what happened this time. I was walking to my car from the arts district on Julia Street after White Linen Night, an event in which most of the crowd dresses in white clothes inContinue reading “Photographing Everything”

Cold, Cold, Cold

C old, cold, coldCold, cold, coldFreezing, it was freezing in that hotelI had no money, my special friend was goneThe TV set was busted so she went alongI called room, room service,I’m down here on my kneesA peach or a pear, or a coconut please,But they was cold Lyrics to the song “Cold, Cold, Cold”Continue reading “Cold, Cold, Cold”

From A Different Place

G uess, will you please guess where I took this picture? Unless you’ve been here you’ll never figure it out. I made this picture photographing a book project in — wait for it — Las Vegas. Wait? What? At the time when I worked on the project there were a group of very upscale, sleekContinue reading “From A Different Place”