Oh Fer…

F irst and foremost, I made a mistake. A big one. The last time that happened was in 1961. Of course, I’m kidding. I last made a mistake about five minutes ago, if not sooner. Yesterday I wrote that the link to my Tumblr version of Storyteller I said the link didn’t work. What IContinue reading “Oh Fer…”

Don’t Give Up

This picture took a lot of time to work on because it was improperly exposed. It was banding. When I darkened it, it became too dark to view. I went backwards and tried to lighten it. That made it worse. I was determined not to give up. So, I didn’t. I basically made a messContinue reading “Don’t Give Up”

Sometimes It’s Just Time

W ordpress and my struggles are well documented here. They leveled up yesterday and this morning. I think I mentioned that a friend told me that he wasn’t seeing Storyteller on Facebook. After a little poking around I realized that I wasn’t sharing anywhere. After a little more investigation, I found that I had beenContinue reading “Sometimes It’s Just Time”

All About

S ometimes I turn weird. I know what you are thinking. Whaddya mean sometimes? No, no, no. This picture is an example of turning weird. The image started out as pretty little flower picture then I got ahold of it. It turned into something out of one of my fever dreams. You may be askingContinue reading “All About”

New Orleans Spooky

T his whole post might just be a rant. I know what you are thinking. “Oh no” I’ll try to be funny even though I’m not feeling that way. You know I don’t have much time these days. Time is my most precious commodity. Not just now, even in the best of times. But, especiallyContinue reading “New Orleans Spooky”

When Rain Finally Arrives

A ll in blue. I tend to photograph on the colorful side of things. Sometimes the image is true to the colors I see in real life. Sometimes the it is true to the colors I see in my head. This picture is closer to the latter. Even though we are currently living through aContinue reading “When Rain Finally Arrives”

The Distance Between

T he end of the day was spectacular so I actually made some new photographs. I don’t usually make a lot of cloud pictures but what could I do? The were moving in all sorts of patterns and shapes. I selected the one I liked best and did minimal work, but I decided to makeContinue reading “The Distance Between”

Working For A Living

A ugust. This is when strong people turn weird. Myself included. After all, this the month of big hurricanes. First came Katrina. On August 29, 2005. Then came Ida. On August 29, 2021. If that doesn’t spook you, nothing will. Katrina was the more destructive of the two, although Ida did her mean spirited thing.Continue reading “Working For A Living”

Into The Morning Sky

F loating. Sometimes it seems like that’s best path to take, rather than fight my way through whatever is impeding my progress. At least I do that in my photographic work. As you may already know, I have a fairly strict routine that I use to prepare myself to make pictures. It has evolved aContinue reading “Into The Morning Sky”