About Food

Let’s talk about food. With inflation we, in The United States, are either paying much more than we have in the past or we aren’t buying as much. That works a little bit, but how do you tell a child that their favorite cereal is too expensive?

The war in Ukraine is causing another kind of food shortage because they are the world’s bread basket. Their wheat and other grains feed billions of people around the world.

For awhile their grain shipments couldn’t leave the country but a deal was brokered and ships are leaving Odessa packed with grain. Who knows when the Russian government will do something stupid and block the shipments again?

Of course, climate change is creating issues all over the world. Crops are dying or being plowed under in an effort to save some of them. Farmers are losing money and could lose their farmers all over the country and world.

Add that to the billions of people who don’t get enough to eat on a regular basis and we are at yet another tipping point.


WordPress managed to repair their lacking categories and tags, but I felt like experimenting with the block called patterns.

Making this picture in black and white is an accidental by product of the subject matter even though it has a golden cast from the kitchen lights. I could have made it in full color. In fact, I did. I didn’t like it. So, I converted it to black and white which makes sense.

What remains. Egg shells and coffee grounds.


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