What Remains

Home again.

This picture is not of home. This was made in New Mexico while a brush fire was burning in the distance. Pretty soon it wasn’t in the distance. It was staring at us. So, we beat feet.

I had to know what happened so I returned to the scene. This picture is a little of what I saw. The trees were black. The prairie grass was brown. But, as you can see that nature wants the area to be green and you can see that in the background.

As it turns out, this is fire season on the west coast. It’s also fire season all over Europe. Where things aren’t burning they are flooding. Lately, it seems that every season is fire season.

This will only get worse. In Greenland the ice shelf is melting. By about the year 2030 seas will rise around six feet once the shelf slides into the sea. Anything above that either floods from a deluge or catches on fire. Oh, what a lovely world it’ll be.

Happy Sunday.

While I was writing this I was watching the Tribute to Tayler Hawkins on YouTube. He is the late drummer of The Foo Fighters. This isn’t my kind of music necessarily because it’s power rock and heavy metal. But, every now and then somebody came out and played music more to my taste.

I noticed one thing.

Most of the musicians are this era’s players, but they’d bring out legends. John Paul Jones, the bass player for Led Zeppelin, Joe Walsh, or The Pretenders came out and the level went way up. They bring something “extra” to the stage.

I don’t know what they bring, but they bring it.



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