Words, Words, Words… Matter

Oh yes they do. Words matter.

This discussion is not going away anytime soon.

So, I might as well talk about words. Storyteller has grown over the years. I have over 10,000 email followers as well as many direct followers. Many of them are ghosts but WordPress doesn’t care, but I do.

Storyteller didn’t grow because I’m a wonderful photographer. Sheesh. That’s a laugh. But, I am pretty good at categories and tags.


Words are how you find pictures on the internet. Words are also how you find pictures in a book. It’s called an index. You can also find other words in an index.

In the newly building A&I world words really matter. As an old saying goes, “Say what you mean, and mean what you say.”

These four images are a great example of flabby word use. I was trying to make a fall image, maybe with trees and mountains and fall foliage. Two of the words I used were oranges and reds. The software seized upon orange and red and created an image.

It made Oranges and some kind of red fruit, or vegetable, maybe tomatoes. There may be some peaches thrown in there for good measure.

Eventually, I got to this one.

Fall image.

It’s still not quite there, but at least the image feels like fall. And, there are pine trees in the background of the top right frame.

Whaddya think?



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