The Real Thing

Streetcars and Growth

Today I’ll table the A&I discussion for another day. That doesn’t mean that I’m giving up learning and growing.

No. Never.

Instead, today, I’m working on designing pages within the WordPress block system. Even though I’m still not much of a fan, I’m starting to understand how it works. It’s a complicated system that I believe could be simplified to the point that everybody could use it without a lot of learning and angst.

Most of what I’m doing is found under the heading of “patterns” in the block pull down. I use it little differently than intended by WordPress. I find something that works in general for I what I want to do.

Then, I modify it as I want the page to look.

It’s early days still, but I think it’s finally starting to make sense.

We’ll see about that.

Driving the streetcar.

Sometimes I tell little stories with one, two or three pictures.

I stumbled upon a streetcar driver doing her turn around, meaning the streetcar was at the end of line and was getting ready to make its return heading from Uptown to Canal Street.



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