I Said What I Said

All in good time

I started out trying to post an entirely different picture. WordPress had other ideas. I pressed the upload button and the little wheel started turning and turning… until the computer could do no more and crashed. Twice.

I rebooted twice.

I gave up.

I rebooted again. When this happens it usually means WordPress is doing something in the background. Something that won’t make us smile. My work around is not to upload anything new and find something either on Storyteller or Google archives. Something that you haven’t seen. This picture has been seen, but only on Meta products. It’s new to you. I think.

I’ll publish the picture that I planned for today in a day or two when things settle down. It’s a more contemporary reworking of a photograph that I am considering entering into a juried contest.

Or not.

Many real life galleries have created a style and look that is muted and way over processed, which is saying something coming from me. Galleries seem to chase after each other. When I look at the curated pictures on their websites they look the same to me.

My eye has no idea where to go. Imagine looking at 20 or 30 brownish-grayish images. It’s mind numbing.

Some are encaustic, which is a dollar word for adding stuff on top of the finished print. Gold leaf is a popular external highlight. Coffee grounds or tea leafs are also big ones.

I really want to be a painter, but have no talent for it. Certainly, among all the artists who add stuff to their photographs, a few can really paint. They should do that. I wish I could.



One response to “I Said What I Said”

  1. Debra Avatar

    I think this is an exceptional photo. Love it.


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