Still Going…

A little experimentation never hurt anyone.

I was just having fun with this image. This kind of work is always fun, but it’s really just a test in layering. Believe it or not, there are three photographs buried in this final image. The last one makes it look like a dragged a paint brush across it.

That’s fun, isn’t it?

I usually start the process on my phone since it’s likely that I made the original file there. The base of this picture — the tree — was made two days ago while I was on a walk. The other two images were made at different times and were just lingering on my camera roll.

Since I get bored easily, I usually start working on the picture while I’m watching something on the television screen, maybe a bad movie.

Bad movie? Sure. All of the streamers only make a few original films. The rest are licensed from movie companies. But, Hulu, Netflix, Prime and the minor players recycle most of the films and television shows. One month you see a film on Amazon. Two months later it shows up on Netflix as a new movie. Sure it is. To them.

I’ve probably seen anything worth seeing.

The interesting thing is that some of the streamers show movies for free. Others want to charge you for the very same movie. They must think viewers are stupid. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t have more than one or two streaming channels, especially since many of them are free.

Amazon’s best trick with a series is to give you the first and third shows for free and charge for number two. It’s kin to bait and switch. When that happens, we wait. The entire series will be free somewhere else.

The point is that I’ve run out of great movies because they are recycled. So, we watch marginal movies. Sometimes we get lucky. Mostly, we don’t. So, I sort of listen and play with pictures.

At least, I’m a little productive while I’m mostly waisting my time.



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