Over 99 Billion Served

The mystic.

I was playing around with two pictures and just like that they came together into one. That’s when I know I happened onto something good. Happened is right. I doubt that I ever actually make a good image on my own.

Luck, the universe, Ronald McDonald or something leads me to the picture. Maybe that’s why my title is called “Over 99 Billion Served.”

A section of this picture of this picture was made in a strip mall parking lot. I could have removed the golden arches, but I thought it added a little something special to the work. Like some kind of secret sauce.

I’ve been on a roll making new pictures and creating new images from old ones. My pictures for the week are completed early for once. Since I’m trying to stay current I’m not writing and scheduling posts in advance. Sometimes I do that when we are traveling. It doesn’t feel right to me. It’s like I’m cheating on a test or something.

Besides, you never know when an attorney general is going to sue 45 and his spawn for 250 million dollars in a case involving massive fraud. All I want to do is laugh. Of course, there is also the Mar Lago documents and the special master who shut down 45’s lawyers. It’s been a bad week for that inflated orange yam. And, a good week for those of who believe in the rule of law.

Just as it should be.


4 responses to “Over 99 Billion Served”

  1. Debra Avatar

    Inflated orange yam. Did you hear me laugh out loud? Thank you!


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      I refuse to call him by name. I wrote a short letter to the Opinion Page editor saying that every time The Washington Post (Our new local newspaper) publishes his picture they refuel him. We do have an even more local newspaper, The Charlottesville Regress, oh I meant Progress. But, they are a shadow of their former selves ever since Lee Newspapers bought them. I used to come up from Southwest Virginia and use their darkroom on football and basketball game days many, many years ago.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Debra Avatar

        I think you’re right about “him” enjoying and being refused with any references. If you get punished in the opinion section be sure to share with us?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        We’ll see. I comment a lot to various stories, but those are just comments.


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