On Sunday

The wall.
Red Walls, Green Plants and Blue Graffiti

A Sunday picture, I think. Sunday pictures used to be grand experiments. I thought about returning to that but realized that I experiment all week so what would be the point?

Instead, I decided to make a very high color image that jumped off the page from 25 feet away.

This picture turned up in my archive search. I have no idea where or when I made it. That made it all the more interesting to me.

My apologies for the color of the headline type. I was really going for the orange-red color of the wall. Apparently, the color palate provided by WordPress can’t come close. In fact, the color that you are seeing is their version of pure red. Uh huh.

Looks pink to me.

The picture is in the tradition of Ernst Haas, Pete Turner and Jay Maisel. They are my photographic muses. Of the three, only Jay is still on the planet and he’s at least 88 years old. I’m happy to say that I knew or know them all.

I actually had the honor of being Ernst’s assistant during a long workshop. From him I learned all that I needed to know about photography. When asked about cameras, lenses and film, he would reply, “That’s just stuff. Only the picture matters.”

He was right.



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