What Remains

Coffee and flowers.

We listen to a lot of podcasts. Today, we listened to an interview by Kara Swisher who was discussing the legacy of Steve Jobs. Sure, we all know him as the passionate visionary who created technology that we didn’t know we needed until we did.

Most of us don’t know his spiritual side which did cross over into his thinking about his technology interests. When he returned to Apple after his exile he had to rebuild the company. Apple was making many, many products. Too many products. He cut them back to four. Just four products. He wanted to put Apple’s effort into making them the best products on the market.

He did that for the best in class theory, but he knew that his archive, his legacy, had to be good. So, he set Apple on that course.

I always say that inspiration comes from everywhere. Yesterday it came from the late Steve Jobs. He helped me solve a big problem. Dealing with my archives seemed to be an unsolvable problem. I have black and white negatives that date back 50 years.

I’ve already culled the best of my work. I keep telling myself that there are probably hidden gems that I might find because my thinking and seeing have changed over the years. I also know that’s not going to happen. I like to keep moving forward, never backwards. Besides, looking at each negative one at a time is hard work. My eyes will burn and my back will ache.

These pictures are just odds and ends, pictures that you haven’t seen but that I’ve experimented with and liked, but tucked away. Now, I’ve given them a bit of air.

One more thing. Not a rant, but close. Today was the third time this short week that WordPress crashed my entire computer. It happens at a time when it isn’t processing anything. The colored wheel starts to spin and it doesn’t stop until the computer reboots itself. I’d blame the computer because it is getting long in the tooth but no other app does this.

It’s always something.



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