Witches, Ghosts and Michael Myers

Here it is. The day of the big night. The night when stuff used to burn in Detroit, when eggs were thrown at houses of people who yelled, “Hey! You kids stay offa my lawn,” when the houses of popular kids were tp’d (Kids used to wrap houses, trees, cars even dogs with toilet paper.Continue reading “Witches, Ghosts and Michael Myers”

All Around The World

Isn’t this something? A bright yellow Hibiscus that I found walking to another place. I saw this bright yellow blob in the distance and headed right to it. I made a lot of pictures. How could I not? How could anyone not? I’d love to tell you where I made this picture, but I can’tContinue reading “All Around The World”

Portraits At An Exposition

Someway, somehow I manged to post too early so there was nothing for today. I thought about it for a minute and decided to show you a group of odd portraits that I don’t believe you’ve ever seen. They are out takes from assignments, casual pictures of friends and family, and some accidents like theContinue reading “Portraits At An Exposition”


Winter. It’s coming. In Virginia, at least in our area, there are usually three or four snow storms over the course of the cold months. Unlike some places like Chicago or Boston where the snow piles up and piles up, the snow usually melts before the next storm arrives. You’d think that would be aContinue reading “Winter”


The black and white work was fun, but I see things in color. That’s really who I am. Even if a continued to photograph little slashes of things, light, shapes, line, I’d do it in color. Some people say that black and white photography distills the subject down to it’s purest form. Maybe so. MaybeContinue reading “Leafing”

Three For The Road

I’m a member of a group called Frames. The concept and every bit of the work is done by a Polish photographer called Thomaz. He’s got a good eye for curation. He’s good teacher and publisher of a book-like magazine called, what else, Frames. He likes to make pictures of very simple things. For instance,Continue reading “Three For The Road”


Before I write anything meaningful — when has that ever happened — I owe a lot of you an apology. I don’t know how this happened, but I managed to turn off a lot of your posts. It dawned on me one day that I hadn’t heard from a number of you who I readContinue reading “Falling”

Night Ride Home

Seating is important. First on, first off. If you’re lucky. If not, you’re not. I was so close to the front that I could hear the veteran driver teach a younger drive where to turn. She was a fine driver. She just had to learn the tricks and traps of the route. As I saidContinue reading “Night Ride Home”


Experiments. In seeing and in developing and processing. That’s what I’m doing these days. Mostly it’s due to the new phone. It’s an okay phone but it’s a great camera. I almost feel like I no longer need cameras, DSLR, Mirrorless or even film bodies. I doubt that will happen. Using a phone just doesn’tContinue reading “Mystic”