Like A Chinese Painting

The slivery moon.

Adventures in iPhone 14 land. I decided to test the largest sensor which is 48 MB and yields a basic file of 75MB. Snapseed was not happy so I moved it directly from storage to OnOne.

That worked. OnOne is located on my main machine and it could handle a large basic file size.

For some reason the file looked like it had little strings in it. I could not repair it using every trick that I know. So, I did the next best thing. I hid it and turned a picture of the moon on a bare blue background, the sky, into a Chinese painting.

Or, something like it.

I suppose if I had a Chinese character font, I could have laid some type on the picture even though that would be a little too on point.

I haven’t been making very many new pictures. True, I’ve been busy with my “other” career, the one that pays for the high end kibbles that the dogs like. Even so, I really haven’t really been motivated to make new work.

But, the coming of the iPhone 14 Pro changed that. I find myself making a few new pictures every day. They say — and I agree — that gear doesn’t make the photographer, that gear doesn’t really matter. That what matters is the camera you have with you. I always have my phone with me.

It seems that just knowing that has opened my eyes again. Or, at least I seem more willing to experiment again.



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