Not in the Weeds

Botanical Two.

So, my online pal, Tim, suggested that I try a different browser. I downloaded Mozilla’s Firefox. I thought that I made a huge mistake because it barely worked at all. I left the computer and took a break because I had other things to do… like vacuum. With six dogs roaming the halls you can vacuum every few hours and it still won’t be enough.

When I returned I thought that I’d test Firefox one more time. It’s fast as it could be. Even just opening a new WordPress page takes just a few seconds as opposed to Opera’s minute or two. The picture that you are looking at took jut a few second to upload.

I’m not sure I understand why. Opera is supposed to very light RAM consuming software that is designed to be used by “professional” browsing folks and gamers. Firefox is known for privacy and customization. It is a heaver user of RAM. We’ll see over the next few days.

This picture is a first run at muting my normal color palette. I’m thinking about entering a photography contest with the subject line of “Botanicals.” The problem with juried judging for these gallery groups is that between them they have create a color palette and hue that they all seem to embrace. It’s muted and darkish. It’s on the sepia side of the color spectrum.

I like this picture and I have a real problem conforming to their wishes. What kind of art conforms to anything?

It’s one thing to do commercial work that fulfills a clients dreams, but it’s another to essentially work for yourself and make pictures that are an expression of you. After all, all art is autobiographical. The viewer brings his or her life experience to the piece and makes their own meaning.

Technically speaking, this picture looks rich and deep, at least to my eyes, because I did my layering thing. Instead of using to different images or creating motion by laying two pictures off line a little, I laid the pictures on top of each other. This double hit is really a commercial press printers trick. Do you think Coca Cola red just happens? Everything they print has two hits of a specially formulated red.

Maybe this is a contest keeper. Or not.



6 responses to “Not in the Weeds”

  1. allentimphotos2 Avatar

    I’m pleased that Firefox is working for you.

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      It is certainly a WordPress. WP crashed the computer while I was typing text. Aside from that Firefox is great except when the computer rebooted and it dropped all of my save tabs. Did I mention that I hate the digital age?


      1. allentimphotos2 Avatar

        When that happens to me I go to history>Recently Opened Tabs>Reopen All Tabs. Reopen all Tabs is at the bottom of the “Open Tabs” page. Even though you may have already opened some of your lost tabs try what I suggested above. All of them my reopen. Good luck with this.

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  2. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

    It’s not tabs that I mean. It’s those buttons on the Firefox desktop.


  3. Debra Avatar

    I see the “rich and deep” in this photo and it’s really beautiful! I love the depth in the colors.

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