My own kind of art.

These are the days of innocence and wonder, so said Paul Simon. These days, I say, “yeah, don’t you wish?”

But, nothing stops us from living life as we wish. I’m not talking about the very practical matters of earning a living and keeping your home moving. Only a few people have that luxury, but most of us do have some control how we live our lives. For instance, even though I’m getting older — we all are — as the clock ticks, and have become very cynical, there is no reason that I can’t think a little more simpler, see things from a happier standpoint.

Yeah, yeah. I know the world is in a horrible place right now. I’m not going to list them. It’s too distressing and depressing.


Today is Sunday. It’s the day to throw your beer can at your television when your favorite football team loses.

Wait, wait.

Sunday is a day for rest, relaxing and enjoying a nice day out, whether you go someplace or hangout at home and work in your garden.

That’s what this picture is about. Yes, it’s deep and dark. But, I think it’s very pretty. The blues just shimmer. The red flower petals add a little pop. The flowing water feels peaceful. It’s the kind of thing that you could stair at for a long time. At least, I could.

I’ve just been informed that this photograph goes on the wall.

Somebody likes it as much as I do.



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