Accidentally Late Night

A painting we will go.

This is an accidental artwork. But, I love it.

It’s another “found” picture, but this time it was lost intentionally. I didn’t really see the potential because it was so “grainy.” Once I opened it and looked at it again I realized that it was worthy of… something.

Something means to me that it could be art rather than a pure photograph.

Here’s how I made the picture.

We went to dinner with some friends of ours who live in Uptown, New Orleans. They bought an old abandoned house and were renovating it. It was a mess. When they ripped up the old kitchen floor covering they found that it was insulated with newspaper. In one way that was kind of cool because the newspaper were from the 1930s.

They invited us inside when we returned from dinner so we could see their progress and for tea and sympathy. Too British? When we got to the backdoor I looked outside to see the out building which was being rebuilt into a guesthouse. I had to photograph it.

I only had an early iPhone with me. It might have been and old 6. I leaned against the door frame and pushed the button a couple of times. Unlike the phones of today it didn’t deal very well with night. So, this is what I got. Those white globe are lights that they hung on their porch.

Uptown is a very crowded neighborhood. Look to the left, that’s another property. It looks like it’s in my friend’s backyard.

Now that we’ve moved if I look at my backdoor at night I see nothing. Darkness. 80 acres will do that. And, we can actually see the stars clearly at night.

And, that’s much better.



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