Modern Green

I swear, it’s a plant.


You know I like green.

And, you know I like to play around with my photographs.

So, I did both.

This may be a candidate for the botanicals juried contest. I know that this isn’t anywhere near the current color palate. But, art isn’t paint by numbers. Art is an expression of self. It’s autobiographical. I’m sorry, but you can’t write my autobiography and you can’t tell me about me.

All of this means that the judges won’t look at my work twice. They’ll probably walk away laughing.

I don’t care.

But, I do care that I’ll get nothing out of it. I don’t mind paying an entry fee. I don’t mind not being considered, but I do care about not learning anything. To really learn anything you must enter 13 images. That’s funny. It’s also expensive. Essentially, you are paying for a portfolio review.

That’s big business these days. Some so-called experts charge $900 for a 20 image portfolio via Zoom. Huh? Where I come from as we become veterans with a little age and wisdom we pass on our knowledge to those following us.

For free.



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