Solid Rock

The true story.

This is a tale of a confused mind, mine.

I made this picture in my New Mexico days, It’s out west near the crossroads of I-40 and Route 66. Supposedly, those two roads are parallel so how could they cross. Trust me. They do. It’s just one of those things that happens in the desert.

Obviously, it’s beyond tinkered with. I had to. That sky was just blown out as much as it could be because the camera exposed for the ground. I suppose this is the ultimate example of street photography.

When we hit the road for the northern part of the south, we did it sort of backwards. In my defense, I was on the road so there’s that. We did it backwards because the idea was to sort stuff out and leave some of it behind. Instead, we took everything possible with us.

So, when I was finally home I started to sort stuff out. I started with old photo gear. You have no idea how much of it I have. I have a bare tube strobe, I have wired together Vivitar 283 strobes. I have old filters that have no matching lenses because they are thirty years old. Camera bags? How many do you want?

Most of the stuff I worked through is junk. Time has passed it by… 20 years ago. It might be worth something to a collector. Maybe I’ll do the Ebay thing. Maybe not. The last time a bought a photo thing, it was listed as being in near mint condition. When it arrived in good packaging it looked like it had been in a high speed car crash.

Then I found two Canon Cameras from their G series. A G9 and a G11. I loved that G9. I likely made this picture with it. It doesn’t produce the highest quality file, but it is fun to shoot. Unfortunately, the lens protector is jammed. Everything works but that. I replaced it with another used G9 that was abused by its previous owner and I think it was stolen. It didn’t last very long.

I have no idea where the G11 came from. I don’t remember ever buying it because its file size is smaller than the G9.

You can turn it on and everything heads south. It opens to the first screen. The words are in Spanish. Okay. I can reset that. No I couldn’t. The menu is a mess. Some pull downs open. Some don’t. When you turn it on the lens opens, moves forward to its long function and stays there. You cannot retract it to a wide angle length.

I think it was dunked. The electronics act like that.

The question still remains.

Where the hell did it come from?



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