Bag ‘o Bones

Look in every window.

Ooh spooky.

How much is that skeleton in the window, the one with the long gray hair?

Okay, that’s weird.

We are into the last couple of weeks before Halloween. It’s gonna be a little boring out here in the field. But, there is plenty to do in C’ville. So, we’ll do it there. The green people are excited. Shrek and The Hulk are retooling their green skin. Brighter and bolder is what they say in their own words. Oh boy. This is gonna be fun.

Mama says she’s going to be angel. Yeah, right.

Me? I always go as the scariest person in the world. Me.

Seriously, I’m not big on masking. Except for a K-95 mask, which I still wear in public.

Which brings me to this. I just took The New York Times weekly news quiz. I learned that only 15% of the people who were vaxxed earlier have gotten the second booster which is optimized for Omnicron. Get your shots and if you are a person of a certain age, get your flu shot. And, if you are that age while you’re getting shot up, get your Shingles and Pneumonia vaccinations.

See? I care about all of you.



4 responses to “Bag ‘o Bones”

  1. Janet Alcorn Avatar

    Love that skeleton! And yes, get your shots. I got my flu and COVID shots about 3 weeks ago. Wiped me out for the weekend—but worth it.

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      We did. Everybody is different, but we had no ill effects from them. Usually, a flu shot make my arm ache for a day or so. I didn’t even have that.

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  2. allentimphotos2 Avatar

    I’m one of the 15 percent. I’ve had all the rest but shingles. I’m waiting to get it after the first of the year when they are free to Medicare participates.

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Makes sense. We are too. We’ve had all the shots.

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