Three For The Road

Light and shape number one.

I’m a member of a group called Frames. The concept and every bit of the work is done by a Polish photographer called Thomaz. He’s got a good eye for curation. He’s good teacher and publisher of a book-like magazine called, what else, Frames.

He likes to make pictures of very simple things. For instance, he is in Gangnam, a district in Seoul South Korea. Yes. That’s where the super one off musical hit “Gangname Style” originated.

He photographed the area more or less like these photographs. Little slashes of light, texture, contrast and mood.

Under the heading of, “Anything you can do, I can do better,” I thought I should do it. Quick note. I can’t do it better. I can only do it my way. Competition doesn’t matter in art.

Are these pictures art? Sheesh, I don’t know. Since anything goes these days, these pictures probably pass for art. In somebody’s eyes.

At least I can still work in black and white. Or, rather see in black and white. Most digital cameras only make images in color.

Light study.

This chapter has nothing to do with light. It’s mostly about darkness and stupidity. As you know we left New Orleans for a whole host of reasons, the biggest one is crime.

Violence is higher than it’s ever been. Murders are going to be the highest they have been since the 1990s during the crack wars in Central City. The city is number one in the country by per capita statistics.

There are carjackings, muggings, street robberies and who knows what else. During the 1990s the mayhem was limited to two neighborhoods. This time it’s spread everywhere including highways an interstates. No neighborhood is immune.

The police are hamstrung because the department lacks enough officers. They are below 900 officers when 1,600 is necessary to patrol successfully. That 900 or so cops include those who do desk duty.

Here comes the punchline. The corrupt mayor who tries to stiff the city for first class flights to France, Switzerland, Singapore and in a week or so, Argentina, wants to take serious action. You may be wondering why a small town mayor needs to travel so much. Sister cities.

There is the city guest apartment that she lives in for free. It’s supposed to be used for visiting dignitaries. No other mayor in the last 32 years ever stayed there. Even former mayor Ray Nagin, who spent five years in federal prison, never tried that.

There’s more, but you get the idea.

Here’s the punchline.

After reading how depleted the NOPD is you’d think they need more money and you’d be right. Oh no, the mayor went to the city council with her proposed 2023 budget. Here it comes. She wants to cut the police budget.

Luckily, there is a serious recall movement going on.

Patterns in the sun light.




5 responses to “Three For The Road”

  1. sleckiegraphics Avatar

    Perhaps I’m ahead the times or maybe behind it. I’ve been making photos like these for years. Light and shadow, two constants in the universe, along with politics and corruption.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Why is it that every time you write to me you attack me in some way? It must be a terrible thing to be so jealous. Peace.


      1. sleckiegraphics Avatar

        How did I attack you? Enlighten me please. Jealous no, just surprised by the response.


      2. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        Every fucking time you comment on something I’ve published you make some snarky comment.

        Do you remember when you criticized some typo in public? How was my reaction then? Obviously, even you talk about the army you must have never had much rank because one of the things you’re taught in OCS is “Praise in public, criticize in private.” Wanna guess how I know?

        There’s this one. I’m just having fun with pictures. I never photographed light and lines because I was too busy making a living from photography unlike you. So this is kind of new to me. I didn’t even do that in SJSU.

        Don’t do it again. At least try to act like you like me. Even if you don’t.



      3. sleckiegraphics Avatar

        I don’t recall ever criticizing a typo of yours in public. You’re correct I never went to OCS , but I did go to LPC (Leadership Preparation Course) where you were taught never chew someone out in front of their subordinates. How do you know ?
        I’m having fun with photography too. I chose a career in Printing Production, Sales, Marketing and Management. Are there times when I wish I would have chosen a different path, but I had a wife and two kids to raise, one with special needs.
        My Journalism education was a great foundation for my Sales & Marketing career. I may not have travelled the world making memorable photos and making lots of money, but I’m OK with that.
        Cheryle and I are still married after 50 years together and we have two great kids.
        If I offended you in the past with my tongue-in -cheek constructive criticism, i apologize.

        I do like you Ray, always have.


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