Colors added to a black and white image.

The black and white work was fun, but I see things in color. That’s really who I am. Even if a continued to photograph little slashes of things, light, shapes, line, I’d do it in color. Some people say that black and white photography distills the subject down to it’s purest form. Maybe so. Maybe not.

I think that the world is a colorful place and color makes it go round. When I look at the work of my muses and mentors who all work in color, color doesn’t get in the way of the subject. It enhances it,

With that in mind, let’s discuss this image.

The picture started out life as a black and white file. Well, not really. Even though I saw it in black and white, the camera is limited by technology to capturing the image in color. I made it black and white in post production.

I thought about things for a minute and decided to re-add color back into the finish black and white file. I used the original color file and layered it onto the final black and white version. By layering the two, I could choose were the color appeared. That’s what you are seeing.

In case you are wondering the image is leaves. Green leaves.



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