Bare trees, winter light.

Winter. It’s coming.

In Virginia, at least in our area, there are usually three or four snow storms over the course of the cold months. Unlike some places like Chicago or Boston where the snow piles up and piles up, the snow usually melts before the next storm arrives.

You’d think that would be a good thing. You’d be wrong. When snow melts many areas turn into mud bowls. Dogs love mud. They roll around in it. They play in it. If you aren’t very watchful when they are done with the mud they head for the house. In the door they go and into the house they go. Into the house the mud goes.

After one or two times — no, we don’t learn quickly — I meet them outside the door, with a hose, dog soap, a brush and a lot of towels.

When the finally go into the house, they are bright and shiny and a little damp. They actually like being bathed so it’s no big deal for them. For us it means saving a few hours not cleaning the house. Again.

That’s winter.



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