Witches, Ghosts and Michael Myers

Here it is. The day of the big night. The night when stuff used to burn in Detroit, when eggs were thrown at houses of people who yelled, “Hey! You kids stay offa my lawn,” when the houses of popular kids were tp’d (Kids used to wrap houses, trees, cars even dogs with toilet paper. ).

Those days are over. You’d get shot multiple times if you tried some of that stuff today. And, toilet paper is too expensive to waste.

We thought that we’d create our own sort of nightmare. We turned off our internet of things so we could make some minor tweeks. Uh oh, WordPress doesn’t like that word. And, just for fun. Spell check doesn’t like the word WordPress, which is weird because it’s their spellcheck.


We turned the internet of things back on. Now the stove won’t talk to the television and the piano seems to have been drinking.

A lot of things seem to be doing whatever they want to do. I suppose that’s fair. I usually do whatever I want, unless someone in this house won’t let me. Then, I do what I’m told.

That’s right.

So, this is just collection of Halloween images. The likes of which I’ll never see again because out here in the quietude we won’t be seeing much of this. In New Orleans it seems that it’s always Halloween. Or, Mardi Gras. Or, some other weekly festival.

Before you ask, no, I don’t miss it.

The trade off is well worth it. After all, that’s really what I do these days. Trade. Negotiate. In this case, I negotiated with myself. It was a hard sell. The jerk on the other side of the table wanted too many give backs. Luckily, I outlasted him.

And, we left.



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