Left Over Life

Two feet in, one foot out.

That’s not quite true. I’m all in on our move, but I have a lot of my past to think about as I work through old archives. I lived in New Orleans for a long time. I made a lot of photographs there. There’s a lot to re-archive and eventually develop and publish here, on Storyteller.

I made this picture in The French Quarter one night when I ran into a commercial second line in honor of a wedding. I did what I always do. I worked my way into the middle of it, making pictures as I went. Unlike the neighborhood second lines that I used to photograph, these folks weren’t used to a photographer getting in the way. They weren’t happy but they didn’t say anything.

And now, about WordPress and Storyteller. When I finally completed the redesign I made sure that everything was linked up. Press the portfolio button and you were taken to my portfolios. Today, if you press it you are taken to a blank page. Even my Picfair link doesn’t work.

When and how did this happen?

This is going to take some time to find the proper pages and re-link them to the home page, which, as of now, goes nowhere.

I think the foundations are a mess, not just on Storyteller, but throughout WordPress itself. For instance, their home grown spell check doesn’t like the word “WordPress.” I’d tell you why, but that’s well beyond my pay grade.

My next question is about design. I can use blocks pretty well now. I’ll design a creative page, publish hit and the page is converted into the usual one or more pictures followed by text. The designed page never shows up.

Finally, drop caps. I make one. It looks properly aligned on the page that I’m working on, but when I publish the page the drop cap sits out by itself and the text is not aligned. I don’t mind work arounds, but I can’t do them if everything looks correct on the page.

I guess that I’m going to have to work through about 40,000 pages in WordPress online documentation because the Automatticians don’t know. In fact, they often contradict each other.

WordPress is so overly complicated that nobody knows what they are doing.



2 responses to “Left Over Life”

  1. allentimphotos2 Avatar

    Ugh on the rework.


  2. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

    Remember when I told you about the link to PicFair? That doesn’t even link any more.


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