Far Away

Mostly, I’m just playing and raking.

Raking, you say?

Yesterday there were all sorts of leaves on the trees. Red ones, orange ones and yellow ones. Today they are on the ground. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t have to rake the entire farm. We just had to rake the area where there in a lawn and garden carved out of 82 acres, just like a backyard.

The farmers suggested that we grab up all those leaves and put them into one of our silos. Leave them there until spring when really good mulch will emerge from all those fallen leaves. Back to the backyard they’ll go.

We have a beater farm truck and an ancient tractor with a scoop. I can drive that, but I’m sure that I couldn’t till the land since I have no idea what I’m doing.

We raked everything into a big pile and forgot one thing. The dogs think it is great fun to run towards the pile at full tilt boogie, leap up and dive into them. They did that until they got tired or bored. Then they got baths.

That phrase, “since I have no idea what I’m doing,” also applies to the picture. Most of the pictures this week have been bright and colorful, then comes this. Dark, a little muddy and moody. Another approach to editing. Nothing earth shaking. Just a little experiment.

And, now a little look at…

Me. Time for an update and more ragged look. It started with lock down. No haircuts. It continued well beyond that, when barbers and stylists wouldn’t wear masks. No mask no money. It evolved last summer when I was on the road so much. 90 days was brutal. Actually, I look better than this picture makes me look. That’ll happen sometimes.

How? I turned out all the lights in one part of the house except for on that illuminated a mirror. A few time exposures later and… this.



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