There Is No Soul Behind it

There has been a pretty spirited discussion across multiple socials about AI and photography. The question is simple enough. Is AI photography?

Most of the photographers who responded said, “no.” Many photographer’s comments showed that they had no idea what the hell they are talking about, That’s the same problem most of the world has today. Fire way about anything on social media without knowing anything about the topic. That’s what the cancel culture is really about.

I stirred up a firestorm when I said the photography has historically been a technology driven art or craft. The replies were predictable, with many of them centered around, “if all you do is type words into an app the photographer has no control.”


Where I come from photo assignments were drive been concepts, and concepts are usually expressed in words. That had an unintended effect. Everybody shut up. I suppose a lot of the photographers who were commenting are sunset shooters who just point their cameras and say, “Duh! look at the pretty colors.” There are concepts that could drive a sunset pictures, but they don’t know them.

It wasn’t until I read The New York Times food section about AI driven Thanksgiving recipes that codified my thoughts. AI produced pretty photographs but they looked nothing like the real food. Worse, the food tasted terrible.

This is what it came down to.

“But it is still humanity — with its intuition, storytelling and warmth — that drives a good recipe.”

That’s what’s I’ve been thinking using other words. Even though I tinkered with it a few months ago, I doubt I’ll be using it for anything serious.

It’s the lack of intuition, storytelling and warmth that really bothers me.

The picture? Trees at golden hour.



5 responses to “There Is No Soul Behind it”

  1. Frank @ Beach Walk Reflections Avatar

    Interesting topic, Ray. Of course, as I nonphotographer, I’ll naturally get out of the way. Oh … the opening pic is awesome!

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      This is a huge topic right now. But, it isn’t limited to photography. Spotify makes playlists that are tailored to a specific subject. No living musicians play on the songs. AI does. For me, it’s more of an moral issue than a technical one. Thank you, compressed trees on the farm. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve.


  2. beth Avatar

    The human factor is the difference. AI is technologically advanced but misses the nuances and emotions of humans and the effect they have in all they touch.

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      You are right, but in theory this shouldn’t be because a human is controlling the input and can continue to modify the image until he/she gets what they want. Still, it just doesn’t feel right. You can really tell it if you listen to Spotify. They have all sorts of play lists like “Music for a Foggy Day.” They aren’t play lists created in the normal way. They are AI produced sets of music to fill a need.

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      1. beth Avatar

        great example


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