Over And Over

I call this post “Over and Over” because I reworked this image which began life in black and white and turned into color. I did it because, well, let’s just say the revenge factor was part of it. Revenge? Criticize me or my work all you want, but don’t try to embarrass me. There is no reason for that.


Enough of that negativity.

Most of the work needed to convert this image from black and white to color was done in Snapseed (free editing software for your portables) using a sub app called “Retrolux.” This injects color where there was none, but it’s funky old fashioned and intentionally mishandled color. But, it’s color. From there you can build on it using other sub apps.

I mostly let the color lead me. It wasn’t my intention to create French color — blue and yellow — it just worked out that way. I think it’s striking, but it’s accidental.

That’s really the take away. Don’t force it. Let the subject, the color, lead you.

We’d probably be better off if we let many things in life lead us.



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