What The…

This picture is a mess. It started out okay, but I had “help” it. It got worse. Then, it got even more worst. Luckily, it turned even worster. Or, something like that.


This is an example of just about every editing technique not really working. I probably should have made a few small improvements and let it go at that. But, you know me. I can’t stop with the easy things. So, I kept going. Eventually, somehow I duplicated the entire picture which you can easily see.

Somehow, that made the picture interesting. I didn’t say good. I said interesting. But, that’s important, especially in these days of “fake it until you make it,” in the art world. That’s just another way of saying copying others’ work. They say that’s how a newbie artist learns from the masters.

Do they?

What are they learning? Mostly technique. But, not thinking, not understanding and certainly not feeling. They say that music should come from your heart. Or, your soul. But, not your brain. I think all art comes from your center, not your head.

That’s what’s wrong with this image. It’s all technique. No heart. No soul.

Maybe I should go re-shoot it with something real in mind.

Or not.

Wouldn’t that be just copying myself?



One response to “What The…”

  1. Bridgette Avatar

    It looks like an oil spill in the air…I think it’s actually pretty interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

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