About The Day

Before the leaves changed, fell and the snow arrived I managed to make a few pictures. This one of them. This wildflower is managing to survive although I don’t know for how much longer. Right now the weather isn’t too cold, but it will be very soon. I wonder if this plant will make it.

There’s a lot going on in the news today. I’m on Twitter so I get to tweet right back to lying politicians. Whenever I reply to something Ted Cruz lies about, I always start like this, “Hey Cancun Ted.” Today he was whining about inflation killing Thanksgiving and that it is all Biden’s fault.

What a tool.

Inflation is global. I’m still wondering how Biden can cause that. I asked him to explain. He won’t. I suppose it didn’t help that I asked him if he was stupid, a liar or just a common “asshole.” Twitter didn’t like that. It wanted me to change it. I declined. Sheesh, if Elon can well overpay for a never profitable social and demand that employees either commit to working 90 hours a week or leave I can write one little word.

I will eventually drop out because I just can’t take two more years of hollering and crying from the man who will not go away. He’s lost three times in two years and still he runs. Besides, I’d like the president to someone younger than me and not 80 years old.

Happy Friday.



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