Testing. One, Two, Three…

There was yet another big discussion about producing pictures using artificial intelligence V using some kind of camera. It took place in a photographer’s group so you can guess which way the majority of the posters went.

Morality aside and as long as you are clear which kind of tools you used who cares what you did? Photography has been driven by technology from the time it was invented until right this minute.

The reply to that is, well the computer is creating the image not you.


Who typed the full sentence containing all the keyword need for the artificial intelligence to do its job?

You did. Whose brain created the words? Yours. That’s what we’ve always been after in the wide world of photography. Being able to come up with concepts and solutions to problems.

I’ve long said that if I could stick a lens on my forehead with connections to my brain which would be processed and archived in my brain for publishing later, I’d be a happy man.

Maybe, one day.

So, how could this picture be used?

I see it as a book illustration. Bad Santa breaks in to every house in the city and steals everyone’s gifts. Okay, that’s the tag line. The title is “Bad Santa.”

One more thing.

I’m sure you’ve l;l read about Elon “the destroyer” Musk setting about to accidentally kill Twitter. He’s pretty good at sewing chaos and confusion wherever he goes. I contend that most social media is sinking on its own.

The other night my old friend, the one that I reconnected with after almost forty years, went a little crazy the other night and shared about 25 pictures from my archives on Facebook. That’s great and she said soime kind tings so I’m humbly flattered.

Many of the pictures were nine, ten or eleven years old.

I was surprised to see that I had comments in the 20s and 30s. That’s a lot these days. We had real live discussions. Now we don’t. I looked at who commented. Most of those people have dropped off of Facebook. I haven’t seen or heard from them in years.

Social media may be dying under its own weight. After all, fifteen years of arguing with people you don’t know is taxing.



2 responses to “Testing. One, Two, Three…”

  1. allentimphotos2 Avatar

    The more I read about this the more I agree with you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      I don’t what I think, but we are in for a change.


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