You Got Gold

A few hardy desert plants continue to thrive during New Mexican winters.

A little flora and fauna New Mexican portfolio for your pleasure. Actually, I don’t believe any of the pictures depict either flora or fauna. These are wildflower pictures and tree pictures. They are distinctly New Mexican scenes.

I’ve been digging into my archives and finding lost gems. Well, they are to me at least. I’ve been reworking them in OnOne. My knowledge of the app is growing and the things that used to be tricks are now treats. For sure, I make a lot of mistakes. That’s how you learn, so they say. If that’s true, I sure am learning a lot.

Photographers talk about Vermont, or where we live for the changing of the leaves. They often forget New Mexico. If and when they go there, they are stunned.

I’ve been to a lot of places and like a lot of them, but New Mexico is stunning, especially during the transition seasons of spring and fall.

The weather is pretty good. Cold comes with fall and winter and heat comes with spring and summer. How cold? When snow melts a little and freezes again at night you learn what slipping and sliding means. During the summer the heat is intense, so intense that your feet stick to the pavement. If you have a pet, like a dog, you have carry her or her paws will burn.

Still, I miss it.

A few hardy desert plants continue to thrive during New Mexican winters.


2 responses to “You Got Gold”

  1. Frank @ Beach Walk Reflections Avatar

    Cheers to digging through your archives. The opening pic is stunning! Well done, Ray … and I hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Thank you, Frank. It’s been eye opening to say the least. Thanksgiving got turned around and t the last minute we hosted the family, but it was still fun.


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